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August 12, 2008

Uncontrollable Tears

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Do ever just feel the need to cry?
And no matter how hard you try,
To stop all these tears,
Your heart, it doesn’t hear.

Crying side in,
Crying side out,
Feeling the urge,
To scream and just shout!

You tell them stop,
You try to take control,
But down your cheeks,
They continue to roll.

Faster and quicker,
Till there should be no more,
But still these tears,
Continue to fall.

And now they hurt,
Your eyes, so soar,
Internal feeling,
So weak, so poor.

Then you feel your head,
It hurts so much,
Throbbing with pain,
Too sore to touch.

Minds had enough,
Tries some intervention,
But your heart won’t stop,
It has no intention.

Your body switches off,
You fall asleep,
This so far,
Is the biggest treat.

Then when you wake,
So still you lay,
Silence all around you,
You start to pray.

Now all you can do,
Is try to carry on,
Although the pain, the fear,
Is far from gone.

And you ask yourself,
From deep within,
Was that the last time,
You’ll get that feelin’

But why bother to ask?
The answers no,
It’s clear, it’s obvious,
Not like you didn’t know!

And now it’s just,
A big waiting game,
For it to catch you off guard,
And happen again.

Hoping to yourself,
It’ll be far, not near,
Before like this,
You have to shed another tear…


March 1, 2008


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crying out
dying out
ever loyal
forced to toil
never free
always be
seen by some
known by none

February 14, 2008

Secular Nemesis

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“The people,” philosopher statesman S. Radhakrishan told the Constituent Assembly in December 1946, “whether they are Hindus or Muslims, prince of peasant, belong to this country… It is not possible for us to think we belong to separate identities.”

It was a noble vision, particularly when set against the daunting backdrop of a vocal and vibrant democracy. It was also a vision riddled with imperfections and unanswered questions. The Congress posited a secular India – as distinguished from the confessional state of Pakistan – but the ground rules of secularism were left vague. There was a good reason for the ambiguity: very divergent views on the subject.

Mahatma Gandhi was a deeply religious man and he could never countenance the separation of religious morality from political conduct. Nehru, on the other hand, was an agnostic who saw religion as an intensely private matter.

On paper, India is unquestionably a secular state with secure constitutional guarantees for all citizens. Yet at a social and political level, secularism seems a delightful and occasionally, a grotesque abstraction. If Britain – the country that shaped India’s Constitution – is a denominational state with a secular state with a society divided along religious lines.

Since the early 1980s, the fires of sectarian conflict have been burning with varying intensity, pitting Indian against Indian. Historical memories, religious wounds, and political manipulation have together generated a fierce communal rage that is destroying the soul of India. The otherwise sane and sober are mounting intolerance even sanctioning violence and murder. Hate has become respectable and the consensus of tolerance and accommodation is being challenged.

A brief history of secular crises (past 25 years)

1976 Secular Mantra
During Emergency Indira Gandhi alters the preamble of the Constitution and adds the word “secular” . Secularism becomes a new battle.

1979 Meenakshipuram
The conversion of Dalits to Islam in Tamil Nadu triggers controversy. VHP enters the stage as the new champion of Hindu interests.

1984 Anti Sikh Riots
The killing of 3,000 Sikhs in Delhi after Indira Gandhi’s assassination undermines secularism. No action taken against rioters.

1985 Shah Bano Case
Rajiv Gandhi gives Muslim orthodoxy and reverses Supreme Court verdict. It is seen as an instance of minority appeasement.

199o Exodus of Pandits
V.P. Singh regime is helpless as Kashmiri Hindus flee the valley. Inaction bolsters impression of unconcern for the majority community.

1992 Babri Demolition
Ram Janmabhoomi movement peaks with demolition of mosque. Compromises secularism and triggers a wave of vicious rioting.

2002 Gujarat carnage
Nearly 700 people die in post Godhra riots. The state BJP Government charged with being a passive onlooker to the killing of Muslims.

The Guilty : Architects of a Divided State

M.A. Jinnah
The father of the first Islamic State in South Asia started it. His two nation theory sanctified the irreconcilability of Hindus and Muslims.

Indira Gandhi
She constitutionalised secularism, with her politics swinging between secular extremism and religious opportunism.

Rajiv Gandhi
From the famous Shas Bano case to Ayodhya, he gave secularism a go by and set the stage for Hindu resurgence.

J.S. Bhindranwale
India’s first militant face of religious radicalism, almost Bin-Laden like, he marked the bloody inauguration of Sikh extremism in Punjab.

V.P Singh
The caste plank of his Mandal movement contributed to the rise of Hindu constituency in the Hindu heartland.

L.K. Advani
His famous rath yatra, for the first time, set of the biggest political moblisation of Hindus and BJP’s journey to power.

Bal Thackeray
The maverick demagogue had perfected the politics of hate, visceral, banal but never failing to evoke fear among minorities.

“In India, as elsewhere in our darkening world, religion is poison.” Salman Rushdie

“Secularism doesn’t mean minorities can defy laws of the land.” Kuldip Singh

“India is secular but stae patronage of Hindutva vitiates the mood. John Dayal

“India has to remain secular and abjure bigotry if it is to prosper.” H.D. Shourie

“It must be terrifying to be a Muslim in this country today.” Arundhati Roy

January 20, 2008

Sleeping Beauty: Aurora

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slow motion dancing
black diamonds of starlight
our slighty touching bodies
wrapped in a field
of spring daisies
under a blanket of pale ebony sky…

my emerald eyes linger hidden
beneath long, feathered lashes
heavy with emotion
and exhaustion;
my softly gasping rose water
breath numbs the icy black with
unaccosted human warmth,
tension falling lightly
upon our lazy bodies.

soft silken daisies filter over your
all too dear smile
too wide and too perfect
as i slowly drift into the abyss of sleep…

Aurora of the dawn lights,
slumbering at the warm side of
my untitled teenage prince

my ivory skin relaxes, peach toned
as my mouth falls open, silence consumed
by the depth of my slumber
your ignored daisies rustle at your head
as you pull yourself to your knees
curiosity filtering from sky
blue irises..

your calloused fingertips caress my
open mouth in wonder,
and i awaken as they are followed
by your soft lips.

January 19, 2008

Chimp in Orange

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Chimp in Orange

January 9, 2008


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Something moves me tonight. Perhaps it is the music, or the day.

It is the moon. Her beams don’t glisten on my window; her rays don’t draw shadows of light upon the floor. She floats, silently, calmly across the heavens. Steady in the moving clouds – hidden by their darkness, or haloed in their mysterious shapes.
The night is dark, but She smiles not in silvery delight. Sometimes she leaves me altogether – veiling her face, hiding her secrets from my curious, mortal eyes. She moves softly across the skies, deserting me when I need her most – now, as I write – then, when I moan in pain or in joy.

Something about the star-less night reflects a pain I cannot conquer. Solutions do not prick the heavens of my mind; only darkness clouds it. Joyful thoughts giggle somewhere, but not here, tonight. Tonight, I am dead, floating in a sea of emotion that clouds the beacon of my joy. It is nothing and it is everything; it is me and it is not.

The wind sighs in the trees, shushing me to sleep. Dulling the confusion in my mind and easing the Moon away from my hungry gaze. Hiding her from me, so I no longer suffer the lunacy she imposes upon my mind. Queen of the Night and beast in my heart, she disappears into the mists, leaving me empty and desolate. But I cannot avoid the feelings, and they tumble upon me as something echoes in the back of my mind.

She has gone – vanished, as if she were never there. The blankness without belies a battle within. But sleep dulls the edge of the sword – to sleep, perchance to dream. To die, and sleep forever, in the moonless night of eternity.

January 7, 2008

A one night stand

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Crazy salad that she ate,
Was a love dipped in venom
It was dark and foggy, when he appeared,
With footprints of despair.

She caught in his eyes, the pleasure he
was hiding
and the invisible tear rolling down his cheek.
Her heart was pounding, as she went near
His aura was stronger then her perfume.

She kissed him as the thunder broke down
the grass,
which was shaken n wet by the droplets
of rain.

Holding him in her arms, she moved towards
the table,
and served him a table spoon full of love
gave it to him, and for the last time smiled
as if saying “good-bye” in a cloudless
winter night.

Central Park

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A time to weep was never born
with such thunder and applause,
as we lay on the broken grass
that eager hearts may meet.
A time to soar was never cast
To such a godly script,
With silence and snowflakes
Drifting down to seal this lover’s crypt.
An inky black sky, a howling wind,
A promise of a bright dawn,
Never clutched before so tight,
Never guarded with such thrift.
Who saw the tear, creeping
across our faces, destined to dry
forever, now that deep wounds had healed?
Even Orion had closed its eyes to sleep.
But we were not alone,
His spirit was now between us
Soldering souls, entwining destinies
For this was not a pause.
This was magic, sheer and arresting,
This was the endless summer
Of countless dreams, of buried yearning,
This was fertile ground, our central park.

December 26, 2007

Paradise Lost

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The luminosity of helium tubes,
The thunderous rhythms of music.
The smoke vibrates through the air,
As hands, legs and blobs form a mass, like
A pulsating ventricle.

The fluids like an opulent amrit,
Sipped, gulped, spilled;
An ecstatic tremble through tense, sordid veins.
Looking for a temporary shelter from
The unpredictable clutches of life;
Restless souls dance to the exhilarating beats;

A purged paradise?

December 18, 2007

Existential Philosopher

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I’m no star,
there’s no halo over my head…

Fate doesn’t like the colour of my eyes,
Struggle and strife are old friends of mine…

Who am I?
I’m survival, I’m guts, I’m pride!

I like odds, especially when they are stacked against me,
Because there will come a time
when I will look them in the eye…
and smile the smile of the one who’s pulled it off.

Someday I’ll have deep lines on my face…
And they’ll make me look good when I’ll laugh…
For that is the time when I’ll fear no fear…
and taste sweat that is sweet.

And for the very first time
I shall look back and say…
I did it my way…
The long, hard way.

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